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Fun Trip Rafting

RM100 / Per person

Overview Fun Trip Rafting is similar to white water rafting, but has less rapids and more flat water making it family-friendly.  This trip was created for children or families with children 4 years old and above. Perfect for beginners and your kids to experience rafting adventure. Previous Next Distance / Height:  3 KM Duration: 3.5 […]

Whitewater Rafting

RM150 / Per person

Overview Calling for all adrenaline junkies! Rafting through Kampar River’s rapids is a must do. Be ready to paddle with all your strength. Experience the thrill adventure in a fun way! Previous Next Distance / Height:  5.5 KM Duration: 3 Hours Pricing: RM 150.00 per pax / Minimum 2 pax Sessions:  9 am / 2 pm […]

Waterfall Abseiling

RM120 / Per person

Overview Want an exciting adventure to get your blood pumping? This is something you cannot miss! Try abseiling down the Ulu Geruntum Waterfall in Gopeng, Perak, with the help of trained and experienced guides who will keep you safe at all times. Free waterfall shower coming your way! Previous Next Duration: 2.5 Hours Pricing: RM […]

River Tubing

RM120 / Per person

Overview Floating down a river in a tube and seeing nature firsthand, all in one go! Enjoy the 2km mild rapids along the flowing river. Paddle with your hands, smile and do not get fall! Previous Next Distance / Height:  2 KM Duration: 2.5 Hours Pricing: RM 120.00 per pax / Minimum 2 pax Sessions: […]


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