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Volunteering at MyKampong

Join our community of volunteers and help us to provide the support these children need

We welcome volunteers all around the world to assist us in the program. Volunteers will take part in the program by leading educational games and play besides organising classes. Occasionally, volunteers are required to take part in general project maintenance such as cleaning, tidying, decorating and gardening, all of which helps to maintain a happy and healthy atmosphere in which the children can feel safe, learn, and play. 


Minimum 1 month


  • Organizing events, preparing lesson plans, organizing educational games and play, conducting classroom
  • Cleaning, tidying, decorating and gardening


Shared rooms with beds. Kitchen and shower are available. Keep clean and tidy.


Only basic needs are provided. Prepare your own meals.

Trips and tours

If you want to experience the beauty of Gopeng, there are very many places you can visit. You can arrange you own trips to get around the city or country side. Bicycles are available for you to use. You could join our outdoor activities depending on the scedule and availability.

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