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Camping Rates.

If you wish to camp at Riverside Camp Gopeng, please view the rates table below. 


Price per Night per Person


Package includes




  • Camping site, Tent, Sleeping bag, Camping mattress, Pillow, Facilities.
  • 1 x Breakfast
  • 1 x Lunch
  • 1 x BBQ dinner

Camping Site + Equipment


  • Camping site, Tent, Sleeping bag, Camping mattress, Pillow, Facilities

Camping Site Only


  • Camping site, Facilities

Cancellation policy.

  • Five (5) days prior to departure, 50% cancellation fee will be imposed and if unable to show up, 100% cancellation fee will be imposed.
  • Cancellation or Changes by US: Once we have issued you with a confirmation, we will do our very best not to make any changes or cancellation to your booking. Sometimes changes do occur before or after bookings have been confirmed and very occasionally confirmed bookings have to be changed or cancelled. We promise to do all we can to avoid changes and cancellations but must reserve the right to do so.

In case of missing things.

  • It is a condition that the proprietors are relieved for any loss or damage sustained by clients on their property.
  • The proprietors are relieved of responsibility and financial liability for any goods left behind after departure, although every effort will be made to forward any articles left.

Safety concerns.

  • The surrounding area of Riverside Camp consists of some steep slopes, trees, bamboos and spikes. Depending on the weather, conditions can be cold, wet, slippery or hot, dry and brittle.
  • We recommend that you come prepared with suitable clothing and footwear, so that you can enjoy the charm of the natural environment in all its diversity.
  • Adults are responsible for ensuring their own safety and the safety of any children in their care.
  • You must also expect that at certain times of the year creatures such as wasps, spiders or ants may enter your own tents.
  • We reserve the right to close the camp without prior notice in unforeseen circumstances. The decision to do this is entirely at our discretion.
  • We accept no liability for injury sustained to any party whilst on our campsite. 


  • We operate a quiet and relaxed campsite. Even though we do not apply low noise policy, however please respect fellow campers.


  • We make every effort to keep our sites free of rubbish for the enjoyment of everyone.
  • Camping area must be left clean and tidy. Please throw away your rubbish in the supplied rubbish bins.
  • Do not litter, ensure that all cigarette butts are collected, and never put glass or bottle tops in the fire pits.
  • Damages and losses must be paid for before departure.


  • We regret that pets are not allowed at the camp.

Drugs, alcoholic drinks & weapons.

  • No drunken or boisterous behaviour, we want all campers to enjoy the peace here.
  • No firearms or offensive weapons of any kind are allowed at the camp.