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About Us


We love every minute of our journey.


An Idea is Born; Radak Adventure.

Established in 2007, Radak Adventure is focusing on providing outdoor adventure services and consultation with the highest levels of customer satisfaction in meeting customers' expectation.

Began with mountaineering, our main focus now is outdoor activities around Gopeng and outdoor business consultation around Malaysia.Radak Adventure is promoting adventure tourism, which is based on specific values, such as protecting the environment and bettering the lives of local residents. It encompasses a number of related travel experiences that focus on nature- related destinations and are designed to have a minimal impact on the environment. Radak Adventure will continue to contribute to Malaysia’s economic sector in tourism industry while promoting Malaysia to the world.


Green Hut Gopeng

Green Hut was situated in Kg Geruntom, close to the starting point of whitewater rafting. Within 2 years of staying over, the place have received many guests especially from other countries who love the surrounding environment. Unfortunately, we had to move out of the place due to the contract ended.


Riverside Camp Gopeng

Riverside Camp Gopeng is located nearby Kampar River and surrounded with trees, limestone and mountain views. We purposely minimise any concrete buildings so that campers will enjoy "back to nature" concept. Besides enjoying camping, campers could enjoy dipping in the river and playing traditional games here. Currently, we offers camping ground equipped with camping equipment and food. 


Gopeng Guesthouse and Café

Located in front of Gopeng Bus Station, Gopeng Guesthouse and Cafe serve as the first guesthouse in Gopeng. The cafe is situated at the ground level served local and international delicacies. Most of the decorations are DIY with the help of volunteers and the team. The rooms at the first floor are built using dissembled wooden houses causing the visitors feels like "kampung" (village) environment. Both of them are now unfortunately permanently closed.


Project Senyum

Project Senyum is how we give back to the community. It is a non profit project focusing on children around Gopeng. Based at a traditional Malay house, the project is fully funded by Radak Adventure and Gopeng Guesthouse and Cafe. Among the programs are: English class, outdoor learning, art and recycling program and nature conservation. Volunteers are welcomed to take part in the program.