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Our ProjectS


Riverside Camp is one of the few environmentally- friendly campsites in Malaysia by Radak Adventure to share about sustainable camping with campers.

The campsite is designed in an environment-friendly manner using recycled materials, woods and stones. Our buildings are in total harmony with the nature around us rather than artificial structures, made from wooden pallets which we have collected from nearby dump areas.

We use water from the river for shower and wash and collect rain water for watering our garden as well as planting native plants.

We try to minimize the development of the area since we want an unspoiled natural environment where people can meet and enjoy themselves. We believe that this is the best way for fully enjoying nature in Gopeng.

organic farming

At our natural garden, variety of local herbs and vegetables are grown under natural conditions in fertile and organic soil which are free from pesticides and provide huge amounts of nutrients. Among listed are chilies, gourds, limes, water convolvulus, jasmine flower and many more.

Campers are welcomed to enjoy and taste the fresh ingredients from our natural garden for free.

We have also purposely allocated a space for campers to experience and learn about organic farming through growing plants. Campers may bring their own seeds or plants if they want. 

Upcoming Projects

  • Livestock
  • Mud house/ earthen building
  • Solar panel system


We appreciate if you could:

  • Donate us your unusable items which you intend to throw away to be used at the camp.
  • Help us to make our mother nature greener by donating and growing your plants here. We will take care of your plants and keep updating to you.

We will update the list name of the contributors in the website as well as having picture showing your name tag at you repurposed items and plants.

 Volunteer with us

We welcome people all around the globe to work and share ideas with us for our conservation projects.

Contact us for more details.