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We accept a limited number of unpaid interns. The objective of the internship program is to enhance the educational experience of students from related academic backgrounds through practical work assignments and on-the-job work experience, to expose them real world of working and to provide Radak Adventure with the assistance of qualified students specialized in the field. Radak Adventure will not bear any cost for the internship and all expenses connected with it must be borne by the intern.


Graduate students or holders of university degrees or their equivalent who intend to study further or to work in a field relevant to Radak Adventure's of business.


Gopeng, Perak, Malaysia.

Fields of study:

Hospitality and tourism; accounting; marketing; management; business; communication; development studies; information technology; multimedia; sports and recreation; administration.


Preferably six months or one semester, with a minimum duration of three months. The maximum duration of the internship is one year. 

Selection procedure

  • The candidates will submit their application and Resume to [email protected].
  • All applications are pre- evaluated to determine the suitability of candidates in terms of their qualifications and experience.
  • Candidates will be contacted. Due to the great number of applications, only short- listed candidates will be contacted. Interview may be carried out if necessary.
  • The final decision on the acceptance of the candidates rests with the management of Radak Adventure.


1. Commencement of the internships

Interns will be requested to report to Radak Adventure to complete the necessary formalities, which include signing a waiver statement.

2. Monitoring

The interns will be assigned to the direct supervision of Radak Adventure coordinator, who will assist them under the overall guidance.

3. Working hours

Interns carry out their assignments according to the schedule of working hours agreed upon with their supervisors, the program is normally full time.

Interns must provide written notice in case of illness or other unavoidable circumstances, which prevent them from observing this working hours. Extra

working hours will be given allowance.

4. Conduct

Interns are required to conduct themselves, at all times, in a manner that is compatible with their responsibilities with Radak Adventure interns.

5. Confidentiality

Interns are required to keep confidential any and all unpublished information acquired during the course of their internships and may not publish any

reports or papers on the basis of information obtained, unless authorized to do so by Radak Adventure.

6. Privileges and immunities

Interns are not staff members and therefore are not entitled to any privileges and immunities extended.